Covid-19 and its consequences

The current challenging situation caused by the corona virus also affects the brewing industry.
On 23.04.2020, reported a devastating drop in sales of „25-30%“ due to the lack of consumption in restaurants and at events. Smaller companies in particular are suffering from the decline and „90%“ of companies are threatened by short-time work.

The fact that this development affects an industry that is already suffering from low margins and declining per capita consumption makes the situation all the more threatening. Therefore the market prospects remain challenging for all brewers in the long term.

It is precisely in this phase that new technologies can provide new momentum. We as SONEM Solutions GmbH see ourselves as partners and are happy to support breweries on the road to renewal. Molecular acoustics, for example, offers a diverse potential for various process steps in the brewery.

We would be pleased to inform you personally about the capabilities of our technology.
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