smart ultrasonic technology

SONEM inline sensors

for the process industry

Ultrasonic technology of the next generation

SONEM develops and builds ultrasonic-based sensor technology for the process industry. In doing so, the use of SONEM’s sensor solutions enables the intelligent networking and digitalization of processes in the production environment.In contrast to the classical, imaging ultrasonic technology, the SONEM technology is based on the material characteristic propagation of the ultrasonic signal in the medium. This is detected with the help of SONEM sensors and evaluated by AI-based evaluation algorithms of SONEM Analytics. Learn more now!

Based on the information obtained, the SONEM Fingerprint, a detailed data set of the medium, is created. It can be stored in the SONEM Cloud. The SONEM Cloud makes it possible to analyze and compare the data obtained across multiple measuring points and to make it available to the end user at any time.

Real-time analysis

SONEM analyzes liquids in production in real time. Without delay customers get all relevant information about their process status!

Cloud technology

Data processing in the cloud opens up a wide range of possibilities. High computing capacities enable the simultaneous evaluation of multiple measuring points.

Continuous optimization

The AI algorithms of SONEM Analytics continuously improve the stored data models. As a result further optimization potential can be identified.



SONEM Liquid Analyzer – Inline

The SONEM Liquid Analyzer Inline has been developed especially for the application in pipelines and the process connection type N. Here the sensor can be integrated into the existing pipeline system without any further structural changes. With the help of the suitable housing the sensor can be installed within a few minutes. Due to its non-invasive design, the medium does not come into contact with any other elements of the sensor.

SONEM Liquid Analyzer – Tank

The SONEM Liquid Analyzer Tank is designed for tanks and larger vessels. Due to the larger diameter of the tank, the sensor is equipped with an additional reflector disk. This allows universal use in differently dimensioned tank systems. Only a process connection type N is required to integrate the sensor into the tank.


Challenges for the brewing industry

The challenging situation caused by the corona virus also affects the brewing industry. Let us find ways out of the crisis together.

Hello World

On our homepage we have summarized all important information about our company, molecular acoustics and our sensors.

Project partnership

Together with a local brewery from the Augsburg area, we were able to start a development partnership in the fourth quarter of 2019.