„Startups like SONEM convince me that innovative technology will continue to emerge in the region “

Dr. Mehring, parliamentary manager of FREIE WÄHLER visiting SONEM. 

Besuch Dr.Mehring - Dr. Mehring visiting SONEM

f.l.t.r.: Maximilian Sträb, Dr. Christian Wieser, Dr. Fabian Mehring, Sebastian Minning, Martin Sträb

In the metropolitan of Augsburg especially large and midsized companies are well known for their innovativeness. However, particularly small companies, like the SONEM Solutions GmbH are developing innovative technologies of the future.

Thus, Dr. Fabian Mehring – parliamentary manager of FREIE WÄHLER paid a visit to SONEM at the end of October. During his visit we used the chance to present him the latest innovations in ultrasonics and AI.

„Our technology opens up new possibilities to optimize and monitor production processes”, outlines our CEO and founder, Sebastian Minning. Due to the sensitive ultrasonic technology a huge variety of fluids can be monitored in the production line in real time. ” Based on the molecular acoustics, different fluids can be clearly classified and monitored during the entire production process. The captured data set allows due to its informative content a detailed and diverse analysis”, explains Minning. Current projects in the brewing industry show the huge potential of the technology. “Due to the high sensitivity multiple processes can be monitored and optimized within the brewery”, outlines Maximilian Sträb, Marketing und Sales Manager at SONEM. “In parallel we are working on new applications for different industries, like the monitoring of fuels or paint”, annexes Sträb.

“Startups like SONEM convince me that innovative technology will continue to emerge in the region”

In the future further innovative products can be expected from SONEM. Especially developments based on artificial intelligence opens up new possibilities for SONEM. Development Engineer, Dr. Christian Wieser outlines that „artificial intelligence allows more detailed process predictions across the entire process chain.”

Persp - Dr. Mehring visiting SONEM

„As many times before, the metropolitan area of Augsburg is currently facing huge economical change. Since long-established companies face turbulences, new players have to fill in the gaps with new ideas. These challenges require skilled people and innovative technology from all branches of our society. Startups like SONEM convince me that innovative technologies will continue to emerge in the region. For the FREIE WÄHLER it is therefore a hugely important matter to support young, innovative companies alongside midsized companies.”
Dr. Mehring furthermore explained that he will accompany the development of SONEM and support them if necessary, by introducing them to further partners within the region.